Rosenfeld Law Group


We fight for your rights!

What we do

Constant calls from creditors, threatening letters and legal issues are overwhelming to all debtors. Want to settle your debts? We can take care of it for you. Here’s how: We send your creditor a cease-and-desist letter so you will not hear from them anymore! We respond to the litigation and force creditor to prove their claims. Then we seek to negotiate a low settlement. Debt collection is not cut and dry: the creditor must prove that: you owe them the amount of money they claim!

Fight the litigation

Force the debt collector to prove each and every part of the case.

Negotiate the best settelment


Use the leverage of our forceful contesting of the action to get you the lowest settlement.


Here is how we can possibly

 get you money

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and other Federal and State laws regulate what a debt collector may and may not do. If in violation the debt collector must pay you money plus your attorney fees!  We can evaluate the debt collection methods being employed by your creditors to see whether we can sue your creditors on your behalf for violations of Federal and state collections laws.

We accept negotiations on a contingency basis - no fee without results.