Rosenfeld Law Group


Kicking debtors asset's

Are you a creditor? 
Need help collecting your receivables?
Need help obtaining a judgment? Need help recovering a judgment reward?

The Rosenfeld Law Group, handles all types of collection debts- commercial, retail, fees owed to professionals, or personal debt. We also enforce judgments that were previously obtained.

We have an experienced and knowledgeable staff devoted to this unique practice of law. Our efficient and fully automated collection practice, along with the latest technology and skip tracing resources allows us to help you recover the maximum in the shortest amount of time. Our expensive collection software system allows us to keep accurate records of the accounts we service and provide up-to-date status reports to our clients.

From inception through judgment through judgment enforcement we diligently, thoroughly and expeditiously seek to recover money owed to you. We are equipped to handle high volume referrals. We provide our valued clients with impressive results at minimal administrative costs to them. You pay us no fees unless we collect the debt- all work is done on a contingency basis, with discounts for large volume.



We obtain Court Judgments (with interests and attorneys fees where possible); and Writs of Execution.

Locating + Seizing Assets

Our cutting edge software, skip tracing and legal know-how enables us to locate and seize debtor's assets. We then can: place a levy on personal property, sell off real estate, restrain and seize bank account funds; and garnish wages.

Negotiating Settlements                   

We have developed an aggressive negotiating approach which is tempered by our professional handling of our cases. Once there is an executed settlement we follow it through until the agreement is completely satisfied.                                                  

Standard Process

  •  We first send out a demand letter, and attempt to settle the debt;
  •  We follow up with a lawsuit; and obtain Judgments quickly when Defendant defaults;
  • We then undertake a comprehensive asset search, and devise a strategy accordingly;
  • Until complete satisfaction we enforce Judgments and Settlements to the fullest extent of the law.

We keep you fully informed throughout the process to get you the results you seek.