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Keep your home.

We protect your rights

When a mortgagee (generally your bank) comes after you to foreclose it is a long and arduous process. You need a competent, experienced lawyer to get you the best outcome possible. There are many procedural and substantive laws involved that can be used to your advantage. A foreclosure is a very serious matter. Besides resulting in the loss of your property, it affects your credit score, hurts your chances of obtaining another mortgage in the future, and involves lots of your time. Our strategy is to not just to defend you but to fight the bank - with counterclaims, discovery devices, court motions, etc. – in order to delay the foreclosure, negotiate a settlement, or possibly get the foreclosure dismissed (and then obtain quiet title) - either because the bank did not proceed lawfully or they have not proven that they are the legitimate holders of the note and mortgage.

Fight the litigation:

Contest the foreclosure action; put in counter claims; put in a list of discovery demands; etc.

Loan modifications:

We negotiate and assist you with obtaining a loan modification, or other settlement. 

In a New York foreclosure we will represent you at foreclosure settlement conferences. In New Jersey we will represent you at court supervised mediation sessions.